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is Bringing Crypto to Women

Today there is a severe lack of crypto literacy among adults around the world - particularly among women - and there is no comprehensive, unbiased educational resource that effectively addresses this issue

The Situation:

  • Blockchain technology has created an innovation revolution across dozens of industries and created tens of thousands of new jobs – many of which are in brand new career fields that didn’t even exist five years ago.
  • If the internet was the first revolution of the information age, blockchain is the second.
  • Web3, smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), and NFTs (as utilities, not investments) are being leveraged by 52% of Fortune 100 companies since 2020, and in Aug, 2023, 57% plan to increase investments into these new applied blockchain technologies.
  • Needless to say, there is a lot of opportunity for both entrepreneurs and investors in the space.

The Problem:

  • Crypto is difficult to regulate on the investment side, and the space is rife with scams and ponzi schemes.
  • Many B2C products are tokenizing, leaving consumers in the dark.
  • Understanding crypto is desirable for many, but the learning curve is steep.
  • Only 16% of crypto investors are women, and only 4% of full-time blockchain/crypto professionals are women.

The Solution:

  • CryptoFemme empowers women to stay ahead of the crypto curve
  • Crypto is for everyone, but crypto bro culture is alienating to women
  • For investors, CryptoFemme teaches women how to identify their investing goals and work toward them safely, independently, and confidently
  • For professionals, CryptoFemme provides resources and opportunities to help women stand out as solopreneurs or freelancers in male-dominated career fields

The Community:

The Education: