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To Womxn:

Bringing Crypto

We're on a Mission to Break Down
The Complexities Of Crypto for Womxn

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To Womxn:

Bringing Crypto

We're on a Mission to Break Down
The Complexities Of Crypto for Womxn

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  • Your days of feeling overwhelm, uncertainty, or doubt about building lasting wealth in crypto are coming to an end.

  • With CryptoFemme’s beginner-friendly education and mentorship series, you’ll learn how to safely, easily, ethically, and profitably invest in crypto.

  • CryptoFemme has a proven track record of making even the most advanced concepts in crypto easy to understand for the most crypto-curious of beginners!

Have you ever overheard a crypto bro talking about how some new cryptocurrency is ‘going to the moon’, and secretly thought, “What in the world is he talking about? Obviously crypto is profitable for those who understand it, but could it ever be profitable for me?!” while nodding your head as they continue rambling about some dumb-sounding crypto bro coin.

What if you could join a high level community of women, and learn how to put his limited understanding of crypto investing to shame, in as little as ten weeks?

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Level 1

Transform our growing online community of crypto-curious women and femme-identifying people into CryptoFemme DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). A community by and for its members, with equitable ownership spread across the organization. No greedy founders at the top, and no woman left behind.

Level 2

Publicly Launch the CryptoFemme Collective education and mentorship series. We had 100% positive feedback from our 16 beta testers last year, and now it’s time to share it with the world — Only this time it’s gamified! Join our community to get on the early waitlist…

Level 3

Create an incentivized structure for member contribution. We all have our own unique talents and skillsets, so let’s put them together to grow and improve the community. Because we’re stronger together, and we all win when we all win.

Level 4

Launch CryptoFemme Goddesses of the World NFT collection. IFYKYK…

Our community has womxn of all different backgrounds and experience levels, but we are primarily centered around creating safe learning spaces for beginner crypto-curious women, and giving them the knowledge and tools to become successful.

Your Mission, Should you Choose to Accept it, is to Join these Ambitious, Like-Minded Women…

The CryptoFemme Collective

If you're not new to the crypto 'education' space, you'll know that a lot of programs and masterminds out there are basically insider trading schemes, where you pay a lot of money to be told what to invest in early...

...We're not like that. The CryptoFemme Collective education and mentorship series provides students with the basic fundamentals of crypto investing literacy, along with knowledge of what platforms to get started on for privacy and security, and how to recognize evaluate potentially profitable longterm and short term investment opportunities!

(especially now…)

Who Is Natalie, And Why Should You Trust Me?

Hi! I’m the original ‘founder’ of CryptoFemme, and I’m truly passionate about sharing the experience and knowledge that made me successful. Some of what I’ll be teaching is not commonly available information — Even the most trusted online crypto influencers don’t want you to know everything. Otherwise you might become a more successful crypto investor than they are, and they wouldn’t have as many naïve followers left to dangle their carrots in front of.

When you join the CryptoFemme Collective, you unlock uninterrupted access to the most up to date and advanced educational resources, which you can rely on to take all the guesswork off your shoulders, and make your crypto journey far more fun and engaging — Almost like an iOS game (not even joking…This may just be the most addicting education program you’ve ever experienced!)

I’ve been where you are now: Watching so-called influencers sharing their sponsored or affiliate links, giving unrealistic tips, and trying to convince others that theirs the only “right” technique… Yet after years of following them we never get any real help or guidance. That changes today.

Hear From Other Crypto-Curious Ladies Who Have Already Benefited By Joining Our Community

As a solopreneur, I've come to realize the vital importance of financial freedom. Crypto is one of the best avenues for that. However, it's unfortunate that the majority of those benefiting from crypto are men. While we're creating the new financial future, we have the opportunity to create more inclusivity and expand access in a way that wasn't achieved the last time around. Natalie has dedicating herself to moving the needle forward in that way and it's truly commendable. She's already delivered significant, sustainable education and even returns for her members.

Sam Vi

Crypto is a world that moves fast with many voices and opportunities within the space. Natalie steps in as the voice of reason that cuts through the noise. She’s one of the smartest people that I have ever met and shares her gifts generously in a real heart-centered, elevated way so more people can win in investing and life. She brings the feminine flow to a very masculine, fast-paced culture. You will not feel left behind. She will be your guide to reason and becoming a better investor not only in crypto but your relationships and life. I am grateful for her wisdom.

Mel Perry

The most powerful resource we have is community. Natalie has cultivated a thriving community of like-minded women eager to learn more about crypto and investing. Whether you are more experienced with crypto or just starting out, she is extremely knowledgeable and there is something for everyone to learn from her. Through education and resources accumulated and provided by her, she is teaching myself and others how to create a higher quality life through crypto investing and the generation of passive income. I’m so grateful for her willingness to embrace her vision and mission to help other women in the arena of crypto investing.

Renea Thompson

Natalie has been SO helpful in demystifying some of the more granular aspects of crypto. I’ve been into and holding crypto for about a year. I was into basic “HODLing” of BTC, ETH, and a variety of alts, but this was about all I had the capacity to dive in over the year. I tried trading on KuCoin but could NOT figure it out. None of the videos I watched seemed up to date, and I was having trouble getting into smaller/newer projects because of the complicated means of purchasing etc. Natalie has done an amazing job of helping us find new and emerging projects and holding our hand through the multi-stepped process of acquiring assets. It’s helped me reach a new level in engaging with crypto and having new streams of passive income. Thanks Natalie!

Chelsea Jeter
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